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Sentinel-2 cloudless

Over 80767302107136 pixels of Sentinel-2 data, combined in a fully automated process

An (almost) cloudless Sentinel-2 map of the world, crafted by EOX and made available for free.

Comparison between raw Sentinel-2 data (with clouds) and Sentinel-2 cloudless

Clearing up the weather

Endless sunshine, eternal summer - the Sentinel-2 cloudless layer combines over 80 trillion pixels collected during differing weather conditions between May 2016 and April 2017, and merges them into a sunny homogeneous mosaic, (almost) free from atmospheric impacts. Our thanks go to the European Commission and the European Space Agency for the free, full, and open Sentinel-2 data.

Joachim Ungar and Stephan Meißl from EOX

Small team, big results

Almost 250 Terabyte of Sentinel-2 data were crunched fully automated pixel by pixel using EOX homebrewn software combined by Joachim Ungar and Stephan Meißl with further Open Source tools. Supported by the processing power of Amazon Web Services and catalog services by Sinergise, our small team was able to craft this cloudless map of the world in a fast and inexpensive manner.

Examples for different usecases of Sentinel-2 data

Further applications

Extracting cloudless pixels out of the Sentinel-2 archive and rendering natural looking colors is just an example of many possible use cases. On request, we easily deploy additional algorithms for your preferred application leveraging the multispectral nature of the Sentinel-2 sensor on a regional or global scale - get in touch with us for an offer.

Creative Commons License

Free to use!

Sentinel-2 cloudless by EOX IT Services GmbH is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Feel free to use the provided service endpoints (WMTS or WMS) directly in your application. You may also download the data either as rendered tiles from these services or as source GeoTIFFs from the AWS S3 bucket eox-s2maps in the eu-central-1 region. Please get in touch if you need anything else.

Whenever you use Sentinel-2 cloudless an attribution has to be provided. It shall read "Sentinel-2 cloudless - by EOX IT Services GmbH (Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data 2016 & 2017)" including the links as given here where possible.

Media coverage

Over 430.000 visits in just one week

Peaked at 65 GB served tiles per hour

1:47 minutes average visit duration - ESA-Satelliten liefern Daten für Satellitenkarte der Welt ohne Wolken - A cloudless Earth: Stunning interactive 80 TRILLION pixel image reveals an unprecedented clear view of our planet - Check Out This Stunning 80-Trillion-Pixel Cloudless View Of Earth
Over 38.000 shares - Készült egy 80 000 000 000 000 pixeles fotó a Földről, itt megnézheti - Snimka od 80 trilijuna piksela: Planet Zemlju nikad niste vidjeli na ovakav način - ZOOM DICH HIER DURCH EINE 80-BILLIONEN-PIXEL-KARTE UNSERER ERDE - Vznikla mapa světa v rozlišení 80 bilionů pixelů. Evropské satelity ji společně vytvářely jeden rok - 80 billió pixeles fotó készült a Földről – itt nézheted meg - Družice zachytili Zem v úžasnom rozlíšení bez oblakov - Snimka od 80 trilijuna piksela: Ovaj pogled na Zemlju ostavlja bez daha - CELÁ ZEM AKO NA DLANI NA JEDNEJ FOTOGRAFII. NÁJDETE NA NEJ SVOJ DOM? - Toto musíte vidieť! Nádherný záber na Zem s rozlíšením neskutočných 80 biliónov pixelov! - Imaginea de 80 de trilioane de pixeli care surprinde Pământul în toată splendoarea sa - Imaginea de 80 de trilioane de pixeli care surprinde Pământul în toată splendoarea sa - Neuveriteľný záber! Pozrite si 80 biliónov pixelovú fotografiu Zeme - Sentinel 2 Cloudless: imágenes Sentinel libres de nubes - WHAT DOES EARTH LOOK LIKE IN 80 TRILLION PIXELS? - Sentinel-2 cloudless - 80 Billionen Pixel Weltkarte - Snimka od 80 trilijuna piksela: Ovaj pogled na Zemlju ostavlja bez daha - Nézd meg az Európai Űrügynökség 80 billió pixeles képét a felhőtlen Földről! - ILYEN A FÖLD 80 BILLIÓ PIXELBEN AZ ŰRBŐL - Создано первое безоблачное изображение Земли - ”Maailman ensimmäinen pilvetön mosaiikkikuva” maailmankartasta julkaistiin – lähes 80 767 miljardia pikseliä - СНИМКА ОД ЗЕМЈАТА КАКВА ШТО НЕ СТЕ ВИДЕЛЕ ДОСЕГА - Rymddata visar jorden i 80 biljoner pixlar - Podívejte se na fotografii světa, která se skládá z 80 bilionů pixelů - Mapa da Terra sem áreas cobertas de nuvens é impressionante - 【嘘だろ】上空から80兆ピクセルで撮影された世界地図が鮮明すぎる! - Dünya’nın 80 Trilyon Piksellik Eşsiz Görüntüsü Yayınlandı! - La mappa della Terra senza nuvole - पृथ्वीको सर्वाधिक स्पष्ट तस्विर आयो -

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